Friday, November 21, 2008

Venting like a volcano...

Procrastination! What a lovely concept. It is the "perfect storm" for procrastination. Just think about it, today is Friday, we coming up on a week long vacation. You seriously think I am going to put up with even an hour of school? Ya didn't think so...

In other news, the fires are contained! Woohoo! That means that we should all be breathing a lot easier now. I'll be going geocaching with a friend of mine tomorrow. Just around town, We may even leave some caches for others to find, but before that I've got work. Yuck, but it gets money into my pockets =]. I'm going to try to leave as early as possible, so that me and Gerald will have more time to cache. After we are done caching we may go and pick up some pizza and watch movies, yay!

I've found a new force in the universe. Something more powerful than electromagnetism, or gravity. Fresh laundry, it is so powerful that a cat halfway across the house is drawn to it. I plan on writing a paper, and expect the Nobel Prize invitation in a few months. My teats subject was one, Schrödinger Bon Schnitzel-Kitty, he was in the living room at the time of the experiment. The experiment was conducted in my room, which is the farthest point from the living room. After bringing in a load of freshly dried laundry, the subject was drawn to the laundry in under 2 mins. Remarkable, it also seems to sedate cats, make them fall asleep on the laundry.


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