Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've got a new website, I'll post a link here, and in my Blogger Profile. It is majorly under construction, but I will get it going soon =].

In other news the fires are still going, the Sayre fire is 30% contained, the Triangle Complex fire is still 0% contained, and the Tea fire is 75% contained. it should be close to two days before all of the fires are taken care of. They have a lot to get done. Ash has still been falling like rain, and the smoke is still prevelant. It is hard to breathe. I took a bike ride to try to find a geocache site near ne. It was a lot harder to bike with all of the crap in the air.

We are having homemade tamales for dinner tonight, Yum! there is nothing like home cooking, especially when you had radioactive food last night, bleh. Might as well get back to working on the site, may you all have a great night, afternoon, or morning!


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