Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Things have been real busy in my life recently. The holidays have arrived, and work, along with school, have been taking control. School started again yesterday, and I noticed that it takes me about a day to get back into the swing of things. Maybe it was because I was away from the internet for so long, 5 days, or just sheer laziness, I got nothing done yesterday. Must have been withdrawal pains from the internet.

I got to see my sister over the holidays, I hadn't seen her in way too long. It was nice having someone around to joke around with. Much less have someone who would understand half my jokes. I've missed her a lot, but she is doing her thing in college, and that is what she needs to be doing.

I've been thinking about college a lot lately. I've had a pretty good plan in my mind, then my Dad got a call from my Grandfather. My Grandfather's friend, says that if I want to go to Cal tech then money shouldn't be a problem. Which is awesome, except that I had plans. I was going to go to college up North, and eventually graduate with a masters in economics, and take over a friend's job.

Now I have the chance to go to Caltech

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