Monday, December 8, 2008

Colleges are out of the way, sorta. I've applied to colleges in the bay area. So we will see what happens with college now, I'm leaving it up to fate. Whatever happens, will happen, and right now I can't change that. I've been thinking about junior college, it seems like a good idea for a year or two. Get the general Ed out of the way, and then apply to other more prestigious institutions. Maybe even use the junior college as a sounding board, to test different career ideas. Who knows, if I get into one of the colleges I applied for, then I will go there, if not a jc, in the bay area more than likely.

It has been stressful lately, and I have been looking for ways to relax. I've spent almost a full week doing minimal work on school. I've been talking on the radio more as well, keeps my mind off of worrying about college.

Gotta do school, 73.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Things have been real busy in my life recently. The holidays have arrived, and work, along with school, have been taking control. School started again yesterday, and I noticed that it takes me about a day to get back into the swing of things. Maybe it was because I was away from the internet for so long, 5 days, or just sheer laziness, I got nothing done yesterday. Must have been withdrawal pains from the internet.

I got to see my sister over the holidays, I hadn't seen her in way too long. It was nice having someone around to joke around with. Much less have someone who would understand half my jokes. I've missed her a lot, but she is doing her thing in college, and that is what she needs to be doing.

I've been thinking about college a lot lately. I've had a pretty good plan in my mind, then my Dad got a call from my Grandfather. My Grandfather's friend, says that if I want to go to Cal tech then money shouldn't be a problem. Which is awesome, except that I had plans. I was going to go to college up North, and eventually graduate with a masters in economics, and take over a friend's job.

Now I have the chance to go to Caltech