Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fires, fish, and something else that starts with f...

Hey everyone, as you all probably know there are some fires burning in LA, Yorba Linda, and elsewhere I am sure. Boy, I can smell and see the smoke from my house. It is blotting out the sun and making it look dusk. Southeast of us seems to be the epicenter of the smoke. The smoke is so dark that it looks like they have rain clouds over there. It feels hot inside at about 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit but outside it is closer to 70 degrees.

In other news, I guess I might as well introduce my pets, mainly because I plan to speak about them in the future, and you should know who the heck they are. I have a 10 US gallon tank which house most of the fish mentioned below, as well as an eel. My parents have a 15 gallon tank which holds the remaining fish. I'll try to include a picture of everyone...
  1. Schrödinger, he is a medium hair cat. He mainly resides on my bed during the day, sleeping 90% of the time. He also enjoys sleeping or playing in the cabinets above my bed.
  2. George, he is a short hair cat. He is Considered "the cat that was dropped on it's head when it was born". Running into walls, doors, people, windows, Schrödinger, and anything else possible. But he is adorable, and loving.
  3. Gold fish (4), no names, mainly called "The Fish." These things are huge though, they must have some whale blood in them. I would estimate between 4-5 inches each gold fish. They were bought from the feeder fish tank at about 15c each. They are close to 7 years old now. They are located in a 15 gallon tank with some loaches.
  4. Noodle, a Tiretrack eel which is located in my 10 gallon tank.
  5. Angel fish, which is in my 10 gallon tank.
  6. Guppies, in my 10 gallon tank as well.
  7. Mollie, again in my 10 gallon tank.
  8. Loaches, 4 in my parents fish tank, the 15 gallon, and 5 in my tank (10 gallon.)
That is about it as far as pets go, unless you count the algae growing on the inside of my tank.

Thats about it guys, 73!

EDIT: It seems the smoke is now centering to the Southwest and Southeast of us, it seems to be fairly dark to the East still.

EDIT2: It has cleared up to the East and seems to be mainly in the South, Southwest, and West are, also a bit dark to the North as well.

Edit3: Here is a map showing the fire.

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